Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday!

So today's post for Blog Every Day in May is about the Bank Holiday we just had here in the UK and what a lovely day it has been! 21 degrees nearly all day long, it felt just like Summer and boy did I ever need the sunshine :) I wore flipflops today for the first time this year!
Originally I had planned to get the family out and do something for the day but nobody could decide what to do, since we are currently on an even tighter budget than usual this month it had to be something that didn't cost money or need a long drive. The man had a lie in and the kid and I got up and ummed and aahed over what to do for ages. We thought we might make our own bread,  then go and have a picnic, and then watch some movies at home. However the kid's cousin randomly turned up just as we were about to get off the sofa and then a friend of theirs appeared too, and all the plans kind of fell by the wayside.

The kids played Minecraft for a while and I finished all the laundry. It's been so nice having the sunshine this weekend as I've managed to finish ALL the washing and also get it completely dry, on the line, for free and without cluttering the house up with clothes airers drying indoors, yippee! 
Having a long weekend has been great too because I'd already done pretty much all the housework and anything else I needed to get done by the end of Sunday - so I ended up spending almost the whole of today sitting out in the sunshine and sunbathing, reading my kindle (I read a whole book today, from start to finish, yay), and socialising with my husband and my sister in law. It was so lovely and relaxing! The kids got ice cream from the ice cream van and they also went up to the village shop for sweets, then they played outside until they got too hot and had to go back indoors. We did try to fill the paddling pool but it's sprung a leak :( I also had a lovely soak in the bath, completely undisturbed which is a rare occurrence around her!
The evening was great too, once it was just the three of us again we made home made popcorn (which we have never done before, so that was exciting enough by itself lol) and all sat watching a movie together like our very own cinema at home. 
So all in all we had a mishmash of a day doing whatever we felt like, rather than 'proper' activities like we'd originally intended to do, but the kid told me as he went to bed that 'today was awesome' so I must have done something right!!
I wish every weekend was 3 days. And that they were always that sunny. Just a shame I have to go back to work!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing Bank Holiday!

  2. yep, sounds like my kinda day! i missed out on the sun, work :(
    need popcorn and film night soon too

  3. Oh it sucks to work on such a lovely day! Tuesday was a work day for me this week and also super sunny, by the time I got home the sun was going down :(