Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Blog!

So... what do you write in these things? I guess an introduction is in order, for a start.

I'm Opalline and this blog is my excuse to keep feeding my addiction to make up, nail polish and pretty shiny things!

I've wanted to give blogging a try for a while now, so watch this space while I play!

There will be...
- Reviews of new shinies (as and when I get my glitter-tipped paws on them, ie. as often as possible. Who needs to buy food anyway??),
- Blasts from the past! Favourite and forgotten products from the GlitterVault,
- Nail Art (I gotta do something with all these rhinestones!)
- Celebrity Glitter: Opalline's personal quest to recreate some of those awesome red carpet, movie and music video looks out there. Requests welcome!