Saturday, 18 August 2012

Accessorize : Pin-Up

Happy Saturday! At last it's the weekend, ugh this week really dragged :( Why does the time always seem to move slower when you're waiting to go on holiday? Next week is the last week of work before I get the week off to go and do fun stuff with my family. I can't wait!!

Anyway the slowly dragging week somehow gave me the urge to have vampy nails. I haven't done that for a while and it felt like a nice change. My partner in crime for this vampish excitement was the lovely Pin-Up, by Accessorize. 

Pin-Up has an aubergine (eggplant, to you US types) base, filled with magenta glitter. It's opaque in two coats, applies nicely, dries smoothly and has a not-too-shabby drying time. This polish has multiple personalities! From a distance it looks like a dark vampy purple with purple shimmer...
...close up, it looks like this...
...and in the shade, it looks different all over again:
Isn't it pretty?

I really like this polish. EXCEPT. It is TERRIBLE for tip wear. I had tip wear within an hour of first painting! Undeterred, I wrapped my tips with it - and the tip wear came right on back.
This is after one day. It looks worse here than in real life (macro is brutal).
 It was weird though, because although it appeared fast, once it was there, it didn't get much worse. It just doesn't like sticking to tips! 

I love the colour. 
The formula is great (apart from the tip wear) - goes on nicely, dries smooth, not too slow.
Wear - apart from that intial tip wear, it lasts ages! I didn't change this for four days and it still looked the same as it did after the first day (ie the last picture above)

The tip wear :(
I was a little disappointed that the glitter doesn't show up on the nail as well as it does in the bottle. It sinks into the base too much.

Stash or Trash?
Hmm... it's borderline for this one. Although the tipwear wasn't bad enough to make me take it off for 4 days, I didn't love how quickly it appeared or the fact that wrapping my tips didn't help at all.
I did love the colour though. I'll probably try wearing it again, and wrapping my tips with top coat AND polish.


  1. That one is gorgeous! I had a quick look at the Accessorize polishes on Friday but I didn't see this one. I will have to check again some time (but there always seem to be 200 people in the shop that's the size of a broom closet).

  2. Do they have them in Superdrug up there? Our Accessorize shop doesn't have make up at all but both branches of Superdrug stock Accessorize brand cosmetics. Go figure :-p