Friday, 22 June 2012

W7 : Orange Dazzle

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here at last and I have such a fun polish to show you today!
Artificial Light
This cheerful bottle of sunshine was a present from a good friend of mine who knows how much I love glitter! It's called Orange Dazzle, from W7. It's a juicy, fruity orange jelly that's jam packed with glitter - the glitter looks mostly silver and orange, depending on whether it's on the surface or submerged in the orange base. I like that it's a kind of muted glitter effect; definitely glitter, but not in your face sparkly. It kind of reminds me of a coarser version of China Glaze Riveting (which I don't have but have been drooling over swatches of it for a while now). It also makes me think of yummy fresh oranges, it's so fruity and fresh looking. The orange is really bright too - not QUITE neon, but very, very close to it. I tried holding it under my blacklight and it did glow quite effectively!
Natural Light
I don't know if my bottle is old, but it was kind of thick, bordering on gloopy. That didn't seem to make it any harder to apply, though; actually it kind of helped that it's thick because it made it easier to spread the glitter evenly on my nails without bald spots in between (don't you just hate when glitter clumps like that? This one is dense and stays that way even on the nail). It's pretty sheer so if you don't want to use a coloured base, you'll need at least three coats to avoid VNL. I'm too impatient to wait all day for polish to dry, so normally anything that needs more than two coats puts me off - but not so with Orange Dazzle; it dried pretty fast despite its thickness so 3 coats wasn't a big deal.
Wear was A-MAZING. I kid you not, this stuff lasted through heavy typing, housework, being soaked in water and all other kinds of abuse for FOUR DAYS before it even showed the slightest HINT of tip wear. And even then I had to squint to see it. See that mark on my index finger cuticle? Five minutes after putting this polish on, I scratched that cuticle quite badly and had to wait four days before it healed and I could take pictures. As you can see, the scratch has almost gone, and yet the manicure looks almost exactly like it did on day one. 
Isn't it just so juicy looking? It makes me want to go and drink a cool glass of OJ :-p
Removal was a bit of a pain, but you'd expect that with glitter - and actually it wasn't that bad compared to some of the glitters I've tried. You don't quite have to resort to tinfoil and cotton pads. Interestingly, when I started removing it, the glitter took on a duochrome effect, shifting between silver and green. I suspect it was actually this colour all along but the orange jelly hides the green; you can't even see it in the bottle. It was pretty enough that I might try wearing this polish again and deliberately wipe the surface over with polish remover to see if the effect will reappear - an orange polish with green duochrome glitter would be amazing!


  1. I love oranges like this that just sizzle!!

  2. That's a gorgeous orange colour. I love W7 polish x