Friday, 8 June 2012

And now for something completely different... Graze Boxes!

Remember how I said I was thinking of reviewing a few things that weren't nail polish? Well, here's the first of those reviews. You might be forgiven for feeling a bit confused that it's not even cosmetics at all; I figured that if I'm breaking with tradition I might as well do something REALLY different! is a great little company that sends you healthy snacks in the post. You know those companies that send boxes of fun cosmetic samples? This is a lot like that, only with food. Sign up with them, and you will start to get boxes like this one here in the post. I get mine once a week, but you can have them more often if you prefer. They have over 100 foods on offer - nuts, seeds, dried fruit, crackers, olives, bread, flapjacks and other treats, and will select the contents of your box based on your own preferences. By default, everything is set to 'try', but if you log on to the website you can rate foods; rate them as 'like' and they'll keep sending them, 'love' them and they'll turn up more often. 'Bin' a food and it will never darken your door at all. Everything is clearly labelled with the ingredients, nutritional info, calories etc and whether it contains gluten or dairy. You can have the box (choose between the Nutrition box, which has only the healthiest snacks, and the Nibble box, which has all foods) delivered to your home, or to work; great for those mid afternoon craving moments that otherwise leave you standing in front of the junk food vending machine!

Honey and lemon oatbakes
The first thing I tried in my first box was Honey and lemon oatbakes. The oat biscuits were pleasantly lemony, and they came with just the right amount of honey to dip them in. This one goes in the 'Like' list.

Yin and Yang
Next came Yin and Yang. Dark chocolate pieces with almonds, raisins and dried cherries. I'm not gonna lie, this was YUMMY. The fruit was moist and tasty, the chocolate buttons were gorgeous, the nuts were nice and fresh. Definite 'Love' for this one.

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios
Third was this little pot of Mississippi BBQ pistachios. I was a bit suspicious about these as I've only ever had the regular, salted kind of pistachios in the past, but they were actually rather pleasant. A bit smoky, a bit spicy (but only a teeny bit; I liked them and I'm not very keen on spicy food). Another 'Like' for me.
Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack
Last but not least was Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack. Now I love me a good flapjack, and I LOVE cinnamon, so this was always going to be a winner as far as I'm concerned. But this was a particularly nice flapjack anyway. The cinnamon was obvious but not too strong, and it was just the right amount of moist and chewy. I've set this one to Like for now, but I might have to go back and change it to Love.

Graze is only available in the UK at present (sorry if I've got you all excited for nothing, non UK readers). Boxes are usually £3.79, including delivery, but if you sign up at using the code 7NJX9Y8 you get your first box for free (and you can cancel at any time).

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