Friday, 21 October 2011

The Horror!

They're so short :( and it feels weird! And look how sad my cuticles are! Poor neglected things... They're not enjoying all the work I've been doing .(or the harsh disinfectant foam I'm using at work, evil stuff, ugh). I need to break out the cuticle treatments STAT!


  1. I feel your pain! Mine are in a similar state, having had three break below the quick, I had to chop them all off!

    Good luck with the nail envy! I use the matte one,makes a great polish base as it is!

    Bry x

  2. I hate when I have to cut my nails down, but I have started playing with nail art a bit more when I do have to chop them. I don't know if you have time or want to do any nail art, but it's worth a shot if you want to try something different. I've been using a green tea base coat because of peeling (grr.) I hope your strengthener works out!

  3. Ooh, ouch! Yes, your poor skin from those chemicals looks sore. I have had good luck with Nail Envy, so hopefully it works for you!!

  4. Thank you ladies! The Nail Envy arrived this morning and I have been working hard with hand creams and cuticle oils... I will have nice nails again!!
    And oh! I would love to do nail art. I have a ridiculous amount of nail art supplies but rarely seem to get chance to use it. Maybe with my shorter nails I shall have a play ^.^

  5. They look really pretty though... This is about the length mine are after the unfortunate break of one of my nails.