Thursday, 20 October 2011

Change is afoot (or should that be a-nail?)

Some nail news for y'all... I'm going to have to cut my nails short! -sob- Life issues at the moment have left me having to do lots of manual work of the kind that makes long nails impractical... and I'd rather cut them short now than rip them off by accident.

Rather than wailing too much about my impending nubbins, I figured it might be a good opportunity to try something new. I have a medical condition that causes my nails to grow very fast, but also ridiculously thin and weak. In their natural state they tear and peel and break off below the quick (yes, that does hurt, a LOT) and I can barely maintain a 1mm free edge, let alone the length they are at now. At the moment, to stop them turning into bloody stumps I have to protect them with a layer of acrylic gel, but quite frankly it's a pain to maintain and it makes swatching difficult, slow and annoying :(

SO... whilst they're short, I'm going to try out an alternative solution that I've heard many other bloggers raving about: OPI Nail Envy. Hopefully this will succeed where many other nail strengtheners have failed me (Mavala, Sally Hansen, I'm looking at you) and I can quit the gel overlays in favour of all natural nails.

The Nail Envy has been ordered... watch this space! (though you may want to avert your gaze for a while if nubbins aren't your thing...)

Wish me luck... I'm a little scared!! Haven't had nubs for over a year!


  1. Thank you! I cut them this morning and they feel so weird....lucky they grow fast!