Thursday, 14 July 2011

Revlon: Tropical Temptation

Today's swatch is an exciting one (for me, anyway): I won this polish in a prize draw! Run by the people at Dare! Magazine (the free in-store mag from Superdrug), the prize was a Revlon nail enamel and since I'm one of those people who never seems to win anything, imagine my excitement when this little beauty arrived in my mail!

Introducing Tropical Temptation! Isn't she pretty?

This polish is a lovely bright cheerful coral; not as bright as some of the others I own, but certainly no shrinking violet either. Just like most corals, it suffers from an identity crisis: is it pink? Is it orange? Surely it can't be both at the same time?? Either way, it's a great summery colour and helped make up for the sunshine we're sadly lacking in around here at the moment!

Leaning towards the pinker end of the coral spectrum than most, it goes on smoothly and cleanly - the brush looks like nothing special but is fairly nifty at doing a tidy job around the edges (pictures here are shown with no clean up). The formula is fairly nice, thin enough to apply easily without being watery, but it's rather streaky: it could be opaque after two coats with very careful application but I needed three to cover up the couple of bald patches in an otherwise clean and glossy surface.

I'm not sure how well it wears as I took it off after one day; I had a meeting the next day that wasn't coral-appropriate. But there was no sign of wear after that one day despite lots of typing.

Revlon are a fairly new brand to me polish wise; I only have one other (Gold Get 'Em), but between the two, I'm pretty impressed so far and plan to test out some others as soon as I can.


  1. What kinds of polish do you wear for your meetings?

  2. Usually, whatever I want - the people I work with are used to me ;D This meeting involved some important auditing types though, so I went with a safe and classy nude...