Saturday, 21 January 2012

Colourworks London : Eye Colour Delight

Hey look, it's my first make up post! No nails or dodgy skin in sight. Don't be scared ^.^

I just wanted to share this little kit I picked up in Superdrug the other day. It's from their Christmas gift selection and I have no idea how much it cost originally, but it was on sale so I paid the princely sum of £1.99. Normally I tend to avoid these types of gift set because gift set make up can be a bit hit and miss, but at less than £2 I figured I couldn't really lose. And I'm really quite glad I took the risk!

(without flash)
You get 5 glitter eyeliners for your £1.99, making an average of 40p per liner, in black, gold, copper, purple and a turquoisey sort of blue. The black one has a black base and the other four are coloured glitters in a clear base. Application seems pretty decent - at least it did on my hand. The black one was easiest since it's pigmented, the others are a bit more sparse and you might have to go back and add a bit more in some places (swatch shows one application only). 

(with flash)
I was pretty impressed with their staying power. I kept them on my hand for about 20 minutes while I took photographs and then I removed them with a face wipe. I had to wipe quite firmly to remove them which gives me hope that they'll last quite well on my eyes too. There was certainly no fallout of glitter anywhere - it stayed firmly in the base.

I haven't had chance to try this on my eyes; since it's from a post-xmas sale they won't be around for long. I thought I'd just put these swatches up as quickly as possible for now, in case anyone wants to dash off and grab one while they still can!

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