Wednesday, 14 December 2011

17 Lasting Fix : Smoke Signal

Much as I loved my festive blue and silver mani, I had an important meeting to attend the following morning, so it was time to exchange it for something more work appropriate. Enter Smoke Signal, from 17.

This sultry grey beauty of a creme doesn't look like much in the bottle, I have to admit. 17 bottles are not the prettiest of things - small, kind of dumpy, and not a particularly interesting shape. The brush is pretty standard, too, though this isn't a bad thing as the formula is actually pretty decent and fancy trick brushes aren't really needed here.

On the nail, it applies really well - it's pigmented enough that with careful application you could get away with one coat (though I have used two here). Drying time is reasonably fast, too, though it dries darker than the cement grey it appears in the bottle. I don't think this is a bad thing, though, as the colour it ends up is a nice rich dark grey that manages to look a little bit vampy. 

(Please excuse the odd skin tone in this picture. The gold bauble freaked my camera out - apparently, even this is too much glitter for its precious little brain -sigh-)

The only fault I can find in this polish is it is ever so slightly chip-prone: you can see there's a small chip on my ring finger nail in these pictures, which happened after only a couple of hours. It also showed tip wear after one day. On a regular polish, that wouldn't bother me too much (I change my mani every couple of days anyway), but this is SUPPOSED to be a lasting finish polish!

Overall, I liked this polish a lot. It's a smart, classy colour that works really well for work, but unusual enough that it looks edgy instead of just boring. It's a good choice when you want something just a bit vampy, but you want a change from black/plum/navy shades. 

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