Saturday, 12 November 2011

SpaRitual Emerald City

Firstly, a warning. This swatch was done with my right hand... the Hand You Never See. Mainly because I broke a nail on my swatching hand, right down to the quick, and it's going to be a while before I can inflict the sight of it upon the world. It's beyond nubbin territory into 'wow, I didn't realise you bit your nails, Opalline'. So for now, it's Right Hand Swatching all the way. Now, I have a skin condition known as Psoriasis, which, as a side effect, makes my nails grow very fast, but with pitting. It doesn't really affect my swatching hand, but it does affect the other one. See the ring finger, there? See how it looks like I dented the polish about 20 times? And that dent in the middle finger? Ignore those. It's not the polish's fault :(

Also, I am still nursing my cuticles. You wouldn't think that these fingers have been lavished daily with all sorts of nourishing treatments, because they still don't look that great, but believe me this is a big improvement to two weeks ago. This hand was much worse than my swatching hand as it took the brunt of the chemical abuse I put my hands through. You can still see on my index finger where it was so bad it drew blood! My poor little cuticles!

Anyway, on to the swatching. Hopefully you won't be too traumatised!

I think I've said before that I love SpaRitual polishes in general, with their eco/vegan/natural vibe and their choice of beautiful colours (this is one of the first brands I reach for when I want something pretty yet muted).

This is one of the many shades I own, Emerald City.

I feel this polish is rather oddly named (I don't know about you, but 'Emerald' in a name makes me think of a darker, richer green, or at least something more jewel toned), but we'll let it off because it's a really pretty colour anyway. In some lights it looks a little teal, in others a little turquoise, but it's not really either - if I had to pin it right down, I'd say it was a slightly minty Spring Green, too vivid to be a pastel and too pale to be a jewel shade. It occupies a niche somewhere in between that's happily not too overpopulated by other brands - I haven't seen many others like this.

Although the bottle states that it's a creme, it's more like a jelly, and the first coat is disturbingly sheer (plus has the effect of giving you rather impressive zombie/swamp/alien nails). This sheerness makes it a three or even four coater: the pictures here show three coats over one of Nail Envy (no topcoat), it's pretty much opaque at three but there's still just enough visible nail line that it could really have done with a fourth. However, this aside, it applies nicely enough and dries reasonably quickly and is nice and glossy once dry.

Bottle shot: this was taken two days after the first. For some reason the VNL is more visible in this picture: it wasn't quite that obvious in real life). You can also see that there is a little tip wear but no real chipping.

Overall this is a lovely polish. The formula could be a little better (less sheer would be nice) but the colour is gorgeous, the finish is nice and the wear is good. Definitely a keeper!


  1. such a pretty color. but your right it don't look very emerald to me either.

  2. It looks like an emerald that's glowing perhaps :) It's a lovely shade!

  3. I must be obsessed. I woke up thinking about this polish this morning. The thought was 'it looks more like Jade'.

    Oh, dear. I dream polish??

  4. It most definitely looks like emerald to me - they do range in colour from this until a darker green, mostly due to the inclusions called 'jardins'.

    Jade is usually slightly lighter and more dull for lack of another word (not as shiny more waxy).

    Ok that's my 2 cents worth. I like it and I recognise the dents in nails I get them as well as ridges.

    Just FYI my toes are extremely pink - think Barbie and fingers very light purple with glitter.

    OK who are you and what did you do with Hilde?

    (I knew I should have come and asked you about the Emerald thing!)

  6. I get scared every time I see my toes now. They make me jump. Maybe I should get a black crackle to go over it. Hmmmmmm.

  7. I'm really glad I came across this page. I finally found a site that sells Spa Ritual at a disount for professionals (woohoo!!) so I've been checking different swatches. But, your mention of psoriasis made me take notice. I suffer from chronic eczema (psoriasis' slightly-less-anoying No matter what I do , my cuticles are always dry and ugly. I never thought for a second that it was because of my eczema!
    So I'm curiose- what works best for your cuticles? I typically just use cuticle oil (no particular brand, none have trumped over the other in my opinion), vaseline, and Rose Salve to moisturize, and Sally Hansen's gel cuticle remover once a week. But I still get ugly little jagged edges :( Any suggestions?

    1. Oh I get those too, it's so annoying! As a rule, the more I mess with my cuticles, the worse they get, so I try and leave them alone as much as I can. I have used the SH gel cuticle remover but actually find that anything that says 'remover' usually makes my cuticles worse - dried out, sore and nasty. Instead of using a remover gel or cream, these days I wait until I've had a bath or shower (so they're soft) or after they've had a good soak in hand cream, and then gently push them back (with my nails, not a tool, as it's gentler). My cuticles also dislike any cuticle oil or balm that's based on liquid paraffin (which would also include Vaseline)or anything really waxy (like Burt's Bees or Avon cuticle balm) Instead they like the simple things: almond oil, plenty of hand cream, and coconut oil. I haven't tried pure Shea Butter yet but it's something I plan to do as I've heard good things about it. I've also been trying Lush Lemony Flutter recently (which contains Shea butter amongst other things), it's only early days but so far they seem quite happy!